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Only less than 6 percent of the Indian population can speak in English while close to 40 percent of the Indian population speaks Hindi or one of its variants. Still English is the medium of interaction in IT systems, structurally, such a situation aggravates the divide between segments of population that have access to computing and the ones that don’t. To arrest this situation there are many steps has been taken by Govt. of India and Private Companies. Now big companies trying to explore the rural market which force them to bring product and service to rural people in their own language. So, there are many other institutions and MNCs are involved to bridge this gap i.e. Google, Microsoft, C-DAC, many small Indian companies and open source community are among them. Three thing are required to do the work in your languages on computer i.e. you must be able to :


Write or Inputting

One must be able to write the content in her own language on computer. Input mechanism required.


Read or Rendering

One must be able to read the content in her own language perfectly on computer. Proper rendering required.


Save or Store

One must be able to save the her own language content on computer. Proper storage support required.

Do what you want to do in your language

This site is for promoting various free software developed for working in indian languages by various institutions and companies. You can find some useful free software for working in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc.

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