The dictionary contains about 22,000 words and over 35,000 keywords. It is very useful English Tamil Dictionary. The meaning of each word is given in English and Tamil. All commonly used words and the meaning of its English and Tamil is given under the appropriate terms. The dictionary also includes some useful information, wrinkles, abnormal verbs, comparison of angles and Greek characters are like.

Installation instructions on Windows:
1) Open Pals Tamil e-Dictionary folder.
2) Execute Setup.exe program by double clicking on its icon.
3) There may be some dependency required to be installed. Install it online{specially on windows 10}
4) Follow the instructions and install.
5) Click on Start button in the task bar.
6) Select Programs -> Pals Tamil e-Dictionary -> Tamil e-Dictionary
7) If it gives error Failed to Install Font then open “C:\Program Files\Palaniappa Brothers\Pals Tamil e-Dictionary\TamFont” and install all three by right click then install.
8) All instructions for usage of the dictionary are available in the software itself.

Download Free PALS Tamil e-DICTIONARY

This dictionary is freely made available by Govt. of India through ILDC website. User can download, install and use it for free. Users are advised to read ReadMe.txt which is inside the same folder.